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Hello there!

My name is Mathilde. I define myself as a curious epicurean fascinated by the plant kingdom. Follow me as I progress in my exploration journey into the enchanting world of plants.

Despite growing up and living in urban environments I’ve always been fascinated by the wonders of our green friends. Starting in my teens with making my own herbal cosmetics and bath products, I progressed onto learning about the healing virtues of herbs, medicinal and spiritual.

With Epikurious, I craft herbal products channeling the wisdom of the earth to reconnect body, spirit and soul for a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

Plants hold the keys to our wellness, let’s unearth together nature’s best kept secrets and reach our best balance.





Mathilde Corot

Founder Epikurious, Herbal Enchantments

I created Epikurious Herbal Enchantments, as a platform to spread the seeds of herbal wisdom and educate like-minded free spirits who take their wellness to heart.

My aim is to create a ritual space for connecting with the Earth through its many herbal enchantments, so that everyone is empowered into their most vibrant health.




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